Lecture from Academician Peng Yongzhen-University of Jinan

Lecture from Academician Peng Yongzhen


On June 11, at the invitation of School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Peng Yongzhen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief professor of environmental science and engineering, Beijing University of Technology, lectured in our school. The lecture was chaired by Zhang Shoubin, deputy dean of the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Teachers from School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, School of Resources and Environment, and School of Biological Science and Technology as well as some graduates and undergraduates attended the lecture. Then, Zhang Shiqiang, President of the University of Jinan, Chen Yuehui, Vice President exchanged ideas with Mr. Peng.


The lecture was entitled “Sludge Reduction by Coupling of AOA Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Processes for Enhancing Deep Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from urban sewage”. In view of the constraints of sludge reduction and insufficient carbon sources for nitrogen and phosphorus removal in the current urban sewage treatment process, Mr.Peng proposed to provide internal carbon source with sludge fermentation mixture and put forward a new concept of reducing sludge and strengthening the nitrogen and phosphorus removal of sewage by a combination of short-range nitrification and denitrification. He also explained how to achieve anaerobic ammonium oxidation in the AOA heterotrophic and autotrophic coupling system. During the lecture, Mr.Peng had a warm exchange with the teachers and students.


Peng Yongzhen, Doctor of Engineering, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is currently a chief professor of environmental science at Beijing University of Technology and the director of the National Engineering Laboratory of “Urban Sewage Advanced Treatment and Resource Utilization Technology”. He has been awarded the title of “ National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program ” , National Level Master Teachers, National Outstanding Science and Technology Workers, and National Labor Model. His research is focused on sewage biological treatment, nitrogen and phosphorus removal and process control. He has won more than 20 provincial and ministerial-level or above awards in science and technology as well as in teaching, including 3 Second Prizes of National Science and Technology Progress and 6 First Prizes of provincial and ministerial-level awards. The team led by him was awarded the first batch of “National Teaching Team” in 2007. The courses, Water Quality Engineering (in the charge of him) and Introduction to Environmental Protection (lectured by him), have been recognized as national quality courses. He has also published 7 monographs, and finished 3 of them as the independent author or first author. As the first inventor, he was authorized to 195 patents for invention and has transferred 64 items; as the first or correspondent author he has published more than 230 SCI papers, and there are over 110 of them whose IF values are more than 5. Besides, he has trained 76 doctors in engineering, 2 of them winning the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, and 4 awarded the Nomination Award for National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation.